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Escape Velocity

by The Phenomenauts

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released June 10, 2014

All songs written by The Phenomenauts, ©2013 The Phenomenauts (BMI) Except 10,000 Light Years, written by The Phenomenauts, ©2002 Phenomenator Music (ASCAP) and Dear God, written by Andy Partridge, ©1986 EMI Music Publishing


all rights reserved



The Phenomenauts Oakland, California

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Track Name: I Don't Care Whether Earth is the Best (I Love It Anyway)
So I hear they found water in the soil of Mars
And the search for life it doesn’t seem too far
When you look out at the stars
Of all the planets in the universe
And the far-flung worlds the Big Bang has dispersed
We could surely be the worst

I’m aware that the world is a mess
I try to change it for the better every day
And I don’t care whether Earth is the best
I love it anyway

Whatchoo say about Gliese 581-g?
That it’s in the zone of habitability
Looks like a speck of dust to me
Maybe the people there are truly free
A perfect balance of freedom and equality
We’ll just have to wait and see

I’ll never give up on this place
No matter what lies out in space

You’re still believing in a world beyond the grave
But I don’t think that is something you can claim
In any certain way
Better start thinking about today
Instead of cosmic tolls you think you have to pay
Before there’s nothing left to save
Track Name: Infinity +1
In the void of space
There is no other place
That’s a gateway to the divine
Past the atmosphere
And everything that’s near
Space goes on and on and on

The ancient Greek
Zeno of Elea should know
Unless you infinitely divide
When Achilles
And the little tortoise ran
They never met side by side

More than just a useful explanation
A concept in our minds
It’s the constant that completes the equation
It’s for all mankind


How many times
Can I sub-divide
And go down in size?
Or maybe
I could multiply
And go on and on and on
Track Name: One in Seven Billion Girl
You’ve the attraction of
A neutron star
You will always draw me in
No matter from how far

I wanna be with you
Till the world melts away
You know that you’re my universe
It’s like I always say

That on my planet you’re a one
On my planet you’re a one in seven
On my planet you’re a one in seven billion girl
On my planet you’re a one in seven billion girl

The sunshine of your love
Is interplanetary
I wanna study you
You are such a rarity

I would give up my wings to help you fly
I would reduce my thrust to help you keep the sky
I would jettison myself
Just to make you more light
That tether’s shorter than regular
I hope you’re right

The absence of your love
Is like a big black hole
No matter there’s no time
Gone or invisible
Track Name: GI581-5 (Feat. David Hillyard)
Facing annihilation
From fallout from the wars
Human collaboration
Will send us to the stars

Gliese 581-g
A human colony
A brave new world for you and me
On Gliese 581
Underneath that red dwarf sun
We’ll manifest our destiny

(Bright lights in the sky)
Facing annihilation
(Global panic strikes)
As soon as we arrive
(How will we survive?)
Last chance for our salvation
(Fighting for our lives)
Fighting for our new lives
Track Name: It's Only Chemical
Feels like your heart is breaking
Seems it’s the end of the world
Feels like your soul is crushed – but it’s not
It’s only chemical

When you hear words of wisdom
You think are divine
They might help you out
But it’s all in your mind
It’s only chemical

You might think a song is magic
By the way that it makes you feel
You might think this song is special – but it’s not
It’s only chemical

Cause science reveals
The way the world is
And not the way we
Wish the world would be
Can’t you see?
Track Name: Theme For Oakland (Feat. The Bay Area Cadet Chorus)
Humankind calls our home
Planet Earth, this we know
But the greatest place to be
On the planet of our birth
Is Oakland, California,
The capital of Earth

And wherever we may roam
Far and wide, let it be known
That whenever we say home
It’s the place we think of first
Oakland, California,
The capital of Earth
Track Name: Rocket Soul
I met this girl; she was from outer space
She puts all other people to disgrace
She let me know that she can’t be controlled
She said, “You know I love you baby
But I got a rocket soul

I got a rocket soul
I got a heart of flesh and blood
But I swear I got a rocket soul.”
Baby baby you’re so outta sight
Wanna be your spaceman every night
But when you leave I just can’t be consoled
You know I love you baby
But sometimes I hate your rocket soul

She said,
“Well I don’t believe in God or anything
that would suggest that there’s something special going on inside of me.
But there may be a really really tiny vibrating string
that propels me back and forth across the galaxy.”

Maybe maybe now it’s not so bad
As I stand here on the launching pad
Sometimes I make her come
Sometimes I make her go
Love everything about her
I even love her rocket soul
Track Name: When Greed Nearly Destroyed The World (Feat. Kepi Ghoulie)
I woke up 200 hundred years had passed
(Try not to panic)
Everyone that I knew was dead
(That must feel tragic)

They said they’d made amazing strides
In the quality of people’s lives
Nobody ever starves and dies
Most everybody’s born and thrives

I don’t know how I’ll pay my rent
(We don’t use money)
I’m not joking; all my money’s spent
(I wasn’t being funny)

Without material desire
We ended 95% of crime
Unfettered flourishing of humankind
We were so stupid then
Now we know why

Do you remember when greed nearly destroyed the world?

They wanted to bring it back to the old
Feudal system where few had all the control
(These days robots do all the chores)
That fills me with panic
(Your primitive mindset is such a bore)
It feels so tragic

Now it’s no longer such a loss
When technology takes peoples’ jobs
You don’t have to call anybody boss

They bought our reps
They bought our votes
Again and again.
Till we wised up
And changed the game
Now we remember when
Greed nearly destroyed the world

They wanted to bring it back to the old
Feudal system where few had all of the gold
Track Name: Broken Robot Jerk
It’s really very simple
I’ll show you how it works
We got a brand new dance
Called the Broken Robot Jerk

It’s a little like The Cool Jerk
Or The Herky, I suppose
You can do it when you’re naked
You can do it in your clothes
If you feel it in your circuits
Or you feel it in your toes
You really can’t control yourself
And this is how it goes

It’s the Broken Robot Jerk

It isn’t very sinful
It’s like The Quirky Jerk
It don’t take lots of talent
And it don’t take lots of work
The moves of James Brown
Meets the speech of Captain Kirk
Everybody’s broken
Do the Broken Robot Jerk

There isn’t any shoving
(It’s not that kind of Jerk)
It’s more a spastic flailing
With just a little smirk
So dance better, tough guy
While I sing this verse
You haven’t had enough guy
Till you need a nurse
Track Name: 10,000 Light Years
Went 10,000 light years across the range
No one told me to be strange
I like to drive my space ship really slow
Where it’s bound I do not know

Heard a little something from my friends
When are you coming back to Earth again?
Hopped in my spaceship for something new
Went around the world for something to do

Once upon a time there was a ship
That sailed the seven seas
Once upon a time there was a spaceship
That cruised the galaxy
I believe that one day it’s coming back for me
And I know
Track Name: Just One Earth (Feat. Judgement Day)
The planet Earth
Rotating in space
Revolving round the Sun
In elliptical grace
That no other world
Could take its place

And seen from the Moon
It rose like the Sun
A shiny blue marble
Weighing six sextillion metric tons
In this universe
There is just one

4 billion years old
As measured from
Uranium 238 gamma radiation
Evolving from cells
And divergent mutation

To intelligent life
Who dreams of the stars
Finding a tear in space
A wormhole in the dark
A chance to explore
What lies beyond our sight

And could it be?
Could I be wrong?
Could there be another me somewhere singing this song?
And this very band following along?

And another you
Out there hearing me sing?
And another cymbal crash
Another broken guitar string?
Could it be true?
Could there be such a thing?

There’s just one Earth

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